What is False Monster? Is it a an attempt at a philosophical statement? One may suppose that the monster is false, a terrible visage worn to hide a man’s insecurities or to frighten small children and the faint of heart. Or perhaps the man is false. Perhaps we all are monsters in some form and the true mask is the facade of civility we put on to conform in a society that expects propriety. If this is the case, then is society itself not the true monster?

Or maybe “False Monster” is simply the first combination of words to emerge from a random name generator that sounded halfway cool and wasn’t already a registered domain.

In any case, you have arrived at the online portfolio of graphic designer, artist, and photographer, Robert L. Lynch. Here you will find a sampling of his works in various mediums, accessible using the gallery links to the left of this page. Please enjoy your stay here.

Mediums Used

photoshop 3ds illustrator canon indesign tajima

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